bombyx mori

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silkworm (larva)
*They have breathing holes in the side of their body
*They have strong silk compared to some other caterpillars
*Silkworms practically burst out of there skin

*When the moth’s come out of their skin their cocoon they squirt Poo out this they saved up since they couldn’t do it while they were in the cocoon
*It takes about 3-5 day’s to spin a cocoon
*They are in there cocoon for two week’s

Moth (Imago)
*the moth’s don’t drink eat or fly
*the lay around 500 eggs
*they live for around 5 days (boohoohoo)

so what happened to the cocoon? It was made into a garment
*silk is actaully the dried saliva of the bombyx Mori(yuck)


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