bombyx mori

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silkworm (larva)
*They have breathing holes in the side of their body
*They have strong silk compared to some other caterpillars
*Silkworms practically burst out of there skin

*When the moth’s come out of their skin their cocoon they squirt Poo out this they saved up since they couldn’t do it while they were in the cocoon
*It takes about 3-5 day’s to spin a cocoon
*They are in there cocoon for two week’s

Moth (Imago)
*the moth’s don’t drink eat or fly
*the lay around 500 eggs
*they live for around 5 days (boohoohoo)

so what happened to the cocoon? It was made into a garment
*silk is actaully the dried saliva of the bombyx Mori(yuck)

From grub to garment. The lifecycle of the bombyx mori (silkworm)

Bombyx mori is the scientific name for silkworm. The bombyx mori has the most advanced form of metamorphosis. All Bombyx mori are born in captivity.(There are none existing in the wild)